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Jaimie Perry-Hudson, MA, LPC

We often think of childhood as a time of simplicity, joy, curiosity, and play. Yet for many, it is a time of stress, trauma, anxiety, and/or anger. Impulsivity, attention difficulties, learning delays, shyness, and aggression often impede success at school, disrupt family relationships, and hinder friendships. My goal as a play therapist is to assist your child in processing their conflicts and struggles to support balance and peace. By meeting your child in their world, a world of play, they experience a sense of being seen and understood, while developing skills of self-regulation, communication, confidence, and connection. 

With you, the parent or caregiver, I strive to build a collaborative partnership, learning from one another what solutions and approaches will work best for your child and your family, at this time. As you provide me with an understanding of your child and your family, I will provide you with tools and techniques to increase integration of the changes you wish to see in your child at home and across environments. 

Jaimie is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a Certificate in Play Therapy from UNCC. She has over 10 years’ experience working with children and families, including over 5 years’ experience licensed in the mental health field. She utilizes a prescriptive play therapy approach to meet the unique needs of children 4-10 years old.

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